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What Are Your Benefits
From Influencer Marketing?

Increased Brand Awareness

Leveraging crypto influencer marketing can expand brand recognition by tapping broader audiences through Web3-compatible social media platforms.

High-level trust & improved reputation

The more people who know about your blockchain, the better your chance of getting investors. People tend to trust and follow those who explain their startup well.

Increase getting new customers.

A leading crypto influencer agency can bring new customers and guide them to your platform, increasing your profits.

BR Group help companies promote brands with the biggest KOLs in the industry on the following platforms:





X (Twitter)


Our focus is on creating personalized strategies that:

Overcome ad blindness & amplify your marketing ROI

Deliver exceptional content to connect with and captivate fresh audiences

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Why BR Group?

  • We’ve built excellent partnerships with all our influencers.

  • We will connect you with the influencers who deliver the best ROI for your business based on data and our extensive experience.

  • We are responsible for every marketing campaign, and every content will be delivered on time and as it was planned.